Monday, 30 May 2016

Ariani Lebaran 2016

In conjunction with Aidilfitri 2016, Galeri Ariani returns to the runway presenting an array of hijab and clothing designs. I had the pleasure of attending the fashion show held at The Grand Ballroom St.Regis Hotel, Kual Lumpur very recently and it was amazing to say the least.

The collection featured a beautiful colour palette that was both fresh and exciting! With over 100 designs to choose from, customers have the option of choosing the best colours, material, and unique printed designs of their choice. Every design exudes a modern touch while still maintaining an overall elegant look.

According to Datin Farah Haryani, Marketing Director of Ariani Textiles & Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Aidilfitri is a time to create unforgettable memories. Therefore, Ariani Lebaran Collection 2016 that was presented during this event was designed to create a nostalgic experience to it's wearer through the exclusivity.

Ranging from shawl designs to instant hijabs, the collection features hijabs with pastel and vibrant colours that also come in plain and printed options. All of this is sold at RM69 and above. 

The beautiful stage

The event was started off with a presentation of ARIANI STOCKIST x SITI NURHALIZA collection. The collection was born through 3 important elements which comprises of exclusivity, modesty and contemporary. There were 14 types of instant hijabs and shawls presented including Instant Maya, Instant Valentina, Selendang Acacia, to name a few.

Most of the hijabs are made of high quality chiffon and satin crepe. This collection also caters to all age group and backgrounds. The collection can be bought from all registered Ariani stockist around Malaysia.

The second segment of the evening presented ARIANI LEBARAN COLLECTION 2016. This collection featured over 86 more newly designed instant and shawl hijabs. Taking the inspiration from nature, you will see a lot of ocean, floral and abstract motifs as it's metaphor. All of these hijabs have been released for purchase since 25th May at all Galeri Ariani outlets through out Malaysia.  


This time Ariani brought something very new for their beloved customers, which is a collection of modest telekung called the Telekung Ariani x Siti Nurhaliza. This collection comes in various color and designs as well, designed for comfort while performing our ibadah during the holy month of Ramadhan as well as during Aidilfitri. 

The event continued with a breathtaking performance from Malaysia's Sweetheart, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza singing her song "Wanita". I was just starstruck to be completely honest even though this is the second time seeing and meeting her! I must say she is the epitome of elegance and who better to be Ariani's Icon than dato' Siti herself, right? Such a beautiful woman inside and out, masyaAllah!

The telekung collection

In between taking pictures and choosing which designs we like best:P
With my fellow bloggers enjoying the fashion show.

The event was perfected with last but not least, ARIANI READY TO WEAR COLLECTION. The collection graced the runway beautifully with the theme of 'Glam Lebaran". The collection featured special collections including The Maya Series, The Blooming Series and the Chantilly Series which are sold for prices staring from RM179 only. Super affordable, yes?! Through this entire collection, all the designs portray the art of nuansa prints in vibrant and pastel colours. Definitely a collection that will bring out the femininity of each of Ariani's customer while celebrating a joyous Aidilfitri. 

Oh and it gets better! Glam Lebaran by Ariani RTW also released The Premium Series, which is specially designed for customers who appreciate a dash of luxury and exclusivity at a limited quantity. What's even more special about this Glam Lebaran Collection is that it comes with a plus size collection! So all us curvy ladies(including me!) can look fabulous as well when we dress in Ariani!

Ayda Jebat as one of Ariani's newest Icons.

The plus size collection 

Staying true to the ready-to-wear concept, the GLAM LEBARAN by ARIANI RTW collection is more minimal, elegant and exclusive. This collection was purely designed specially with it's beloved customers needs in mind. Not to mention the affordable price tag of each design that will make you want to get the whole collection.

Ariani Boutique is located in Jakel Mall Kuala Lumpur and has another branch in Wisma Jakel Shah Alam, just in case you want to drop by!

Hope you guys enjoyed a glimpse of the collection as much as I did watching the whole collection! You can always visit their Ariani Online Website, or Facebook Page or even instagram @galeriariani / @arianirtw if you want to see more of the collection up-close.

Oh just me and Dato' Siti :p

Till then!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Mommy Cool

I spent my mothers day weekend celebrating not just the mommies in our family, but celebrating the children of PJDS orphanage. Spending time with children who are less fortunate than us makes me realize how lucky I am(and how lucky we are that we still have our parents with us). Being the thoughtful person that she is, my mom had always taught us to appreciate and to always help people with whatever means we have, no matter how big or small the contribution is. May Allah grant my mom the highest ranks in Jannah, not only for all that she does for her 7 children, but also for giving so much love to other people as well. Also a big shout out to my brother and his friends from UM who organized the one day Spartan Camp for the children at my mom's guesthouse, Farar Place in Dengkil. May Allah reward you abundantly!

So after the event with the children ended, we had a small bbq at Farar Place with my family and just had a beautiful time enjoying each others presence, my sister all the way from Johor was back in town too so it was definitely a day full of love and laughter!<3 Hhhhmm nothing feels better than the time spent with family, kan? So make everyday count and love your family as if you might lose them tomorrow okay guysss!

I was doing a lot of cooking that day so of course I had to wear something comfortable. I opted for these super comfy pants from Zolace and paired it with an over-sized shirt to keep it laid-back. There's a lot of other options for pants on their website just in case you need a pair(or two!) Loved that it was a beautiful sunny day perfect for my ootd post! haha. Anyway, hope yall had a smashin' weekend with your loved ones and Happy Mothers Day to all women(and single dads) out there! Stay awesome!!

Till then!

Saturday, 30 April 2016

La Vie En Bleu

After a super hectic week, I finally had the time to relax and enjoy my weekend. My parents had been touring eastern Europe and I was taking over the task of managing both of her business', it was crazy to say the least. 

Over the weekend I attended a friend's daughter's aqiqah. Thought of wearing something sweet so I picked this beautiful dress from Zolace.. I'm usually very picky with prints, but the color and print for this dress suited me really well. Speaking of Zolace, this was my first experience shopping at Zolace and I was surprised to see all the awesome stuff they had on their website! 

One thing I love about this site is that they include a short video of the model wearing each piece so you can  really see the details of the product and chances of getting disappointed or not fitting the garment is really low. The material used are of good quality and the workmanship of the garment is neat.

I got a lot of compliments on this dress thanks to ZOLACE !

Enjoy the weekend people!


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Light It Blue

In support of Autism Awareness Month, wear blue like me! I'm wearing the brand new pants from LTDSS16 collection, available at Fashion Valet. The pants are designed at the top part to be like a skirt but it's not! Perfect to cover the you-know-what and still be able to wear crop tops. Love!

Top : Mia Mikhail from
Pants : Love To Dress
Bag : Tasbijoux (ig)

Just Like You

April is Autism Awareness month and this campaign is very close to my heart because I can relate and understand the difficulties these children go through because of my son, Juhd. Although Juhd has not been diagnosed yet(specialist told us to wait until he turns 3 years old to get a precise diagnosis) he has sensory issues, repetitive behavior, communication problems, social interaction difficulties and is currently going through occupational therapy.

Autism is a spectrum of closely related disorders with a shared core of symptoms. ASD can appear in infancy and early childhood, causing delays in many basic areas of development, such as learning to talk, play, and interact with others
About 1 in 68 children are identified to have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). The earlier parents can recognize the symptoms of ASD, the better. This is because earlier intervention(such as occupational therapy/speech therapy) can help children with autism cope better with this disorder and able to lessen the severity of symptoms.

Like me, after having my first child, I was pretty much clueless of the symptoms which were red flags for autism. It can be hard to differentiate between autism and speech delay. Juhd is now 2 years and 8 months and he still can't say any meaningful words. People tell me not to worry because more often than not, speech delay happens to a lot of children, especially boys. However, children with speech delay will usually only have problems in language. If you're worried that your child is not reaching his/her milestones on time, this might help.

Here are some important points to look out for in your child(in the case of autism):

Verbal Communication Skills

-Your child may have no true words and only babble or make noises or odd sounds
-Your child may have some words, but repeat the same words or phrases over and over (echolalia) and not imitate new words or not use the words he has spontaneously in order to request or get wants/needs met
-Your child may say a word once and you never hear it again, or your child may have used a few words for a bit and then lost the words and does not use them anymore
-Your child may use unusual voice tones, such as a sing-song voice, robot-like voice or growling voice

Receptive Language Skills

–Your child may not follow simple commands or directions such as “give me the ball” or “go get your shoes”
-Your child may not respond to his name or seem like he can’t hear you or is ignoring you

Nonverbal Communication Skills

-Your child does not point to objects, pictures or people
-Your child does not use gestures or eye gaze to get wants/needs met
-Your child may use you as a “Means to and End,” such as pulling you towards an object he/she wants in order to get the object
-Your child may not be able to recognize facial expressions or imitate gestures or facial expressions
-Your child may not have shared joint attention. For example, he sees an airplane and without saying a word, he looks to the sky and then looks to you and then back at the airplane as if to say “hey, did you see that?”
-Your child may not understand body language, gestures or facial expressions

Eye Contact

-Your child may not make eye contact or have very limited eye contact
-Your child may always be looking at what he is doing instead of you when you speak to him

Play Skills

-Your child may have narrowly focused interests or obsessive interests
-Your child may play with toys in odd ways (lining up cars or blocks instead of driving or stacking, spinning toys or repeatedly dropping/throwing toys)
-Your child may engage in repetitive movements, such as tip toe walking, hand flapping/waving, rocking, spinning in circles
-Your child does not engage in turn taking or play in a back and forth manner with you
-Your child may have an unusual attachment to certain objects (needing to carry a toy in each hand at all times, preoccupation with one certain item such as a hair clip or rubber band)
-Your child may be very rigid in play and routines (a need for “sameness,” getting upset if a toy is moved out of line or if the daily schedule or routine changes)
-Your child may prefer to play alone or play alone for long time periods for his age (for example an 18 month old who plays alone for an hour without engaging an adult in his play)
-Your child may not engage in pretend play with toys (pretending to feed a baby doll or fighting with action figures)
-Your child may be interested in only the parts of a toy instead of the whole toy as it was meant to be played with (such as the wheels on the car, or the underside of the pop-up-box, or the valve where the air goes into the ball)
-Your child may line toys up instead of playing with them

Sensory Skills

–Your child may be undersensitive or oversensitive to touch, sight, sound, movement, smell, etc.
–Your child may become overwhelmed or have a melt-down in noisy and/or crowded environments
–Your child may cover his ears in response to some sounds

Feeding Skills

–Your child may be described as a “picky” eater
–Your child has a very limited diet or a few select foods
–Your child is unwilling to try new foods
–Your child has difficulty with textures of foods
–Your child needs foods presented the same way (on the same color plate or in the same box the cookies were in the first time he had them)

Social Skills

–Your child may be oblivious when new people visit the house
–Your child may have difficulty regulating his emotions and laugh, cry or yell at inappropriate times
–Your child may be unaware of common dangers inside and outside the home
–Your child does not participate in or seem to show understanding of social games such as Peek-a-boo, So-Big or Pat-a-cake.
–Your child may not know how to engage you or another child in his play and prefer to play alone
–Your child may seem to shun social interaction and not call attention to himself or anything he is doing (such as showing you a tower of blocks he built or a picture he colored)
–Your child may be difficult to comfort when he gets upset or seem to get upset for “no reason
–Your child may have difficulty interpreting your facial expressions, feelings and body language

Motor Skills

–Your child may be clumsy or appear uncoordinated
–Your child may toe walk
–Your child may have an atypical gait pattern

The signs and symptoms of autism vary widely, as do its effects. That's why some people might look at an autistic child and think that he looks totally normal, or worse, think that the child is misbehaving(due to sensory overload for instance) Some autistic children have only mild impairments, while others have more obstacles to overcome. 

So how can we help autistic children and make the world a better place for them? Learn and spread awareness. When we have the knowledge, we can understand them better, and when we understand, we will accept them in spite of their differences.

This video I found via @y.n.a.osman on instagram(she's a mother of an autistic child) perfectly explains what autism is and how the symptoms vary from one autistic child to the other. I cry every time I watch this because I think of Juhd and how he struggles with everyday life routines that we sometimes take for granted. Also I think of the times when I lost my patience handling his meltdowns when I didn't even understand what he was going through. 

If this video has affected you in anyway, please do share and help raise awareness to the public. In support of Autism Awareness Month, you can also wear blue! Let's educate the public and embrace autistic children like every other child deserves to be embraced.