Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pretty Patterns

Salam lovelies! Happy belated Mothers Day to all you awesome mommies out there! How did you gals spend your Mothers Day? I spent my Mothers Day at my parents house where me and my siblings organized a mini breakfast buffet for my mom. It wasn't anything fancy but my mom seem to really enjoy it, especially all the long emotional speeches we gave her in our mothers day cards! She cries everytime and every year on Mothers Day. And I can totally understand why:') Being a mother myself, I've learnt to appreciate my mother even more now that I have a child of my own. My mom is truly awesome for raising not 1, but 7 of us!! I love you so much ummmi!!<3 

The theme for our mothers day was 'comfort' and so was my outfit - I wore this lovely comfortable piece from Misclaire. The jacket is lightweight and wrinkle-free! Not to mention breastfeeding friendly:) Misclaire is an online website that caters for plussize women. For my plussize ladies, fret not if you can't seem to find anything fancy in your size. Just head over to Misclaire and you'll find a variety of plussize clothing ranging from maxi dresses, skirts, jackets(like this pretty jacket I'm wearing!), pants and so much more!

I still have two more pieces to share with you all from this brand! So stay tuned for my next reviews kay!!:)

Website :

Facebook : plussize.misclaire

Instagram : @plussize_misclaire

Till then!xx


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