Friday, 23 May 2014

Sassy Sofina

So finally I had better luck this time getting my hands on the finale restock of the highly-anticipated Sofina 2.1 from Fashion Valet ! The finale restock came in 6 yummy colours including grey, nude, mint, orange, yellow and turquoise. I really wanted grey or nude but too many crazy shopaholics beat me to it leaving me with yellow. At first I did't really dig this yellow but I figured, better yellow than nothing. But when it arrived in the parcel I completely fell in love with this colour!  

I guess now I understand the obsession with this bag. The design is perfect. Right size. Right amount of compartments inside. Studs. It's almost like a Balenciaga but better! Dear Vivy, please restock Sofina 2.1 again, my inner shopaholic tells me she wants this bag in other colours as well!! Haha.

Did any of you ladies manage to get other colours? Do share!:)

 Till then!xx

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