Tuesday, 31 May 2011

HFW Day #3 : Workout Wear

Whether you're playing sports or working out in the gym... This is what I would wear for some fun heart-racing aerobics and belly dancing which me and my sisters really love to do! Usually I just workout in my house though. Because I'm always busy and don't really have the time to go the gym. But I think this would be a really fun outfit to wear to the gym!

What I'm wearing:
Crimson pashmina from The Mines
Printed Tee from Vintage Shop
Mustard top from Vintage Shop(It's actually my sister's)
 Harem pants from The Mines
Bag from Asian Avenue
Sandals from Rubi
Let's get physical!! (ok that didn't sound right now did it?)
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Monday, 30 May 2011

HFW Day #2 : Formal Attire

I would describe wearing something like this to a formal fashion/dinner party. I wanted to still capture a sense of sweetness and elegance but at the same time give it a little more edge and modern touch instead of opting for a normal evening gown. I also wanted to keep it subtle and simple thats why I used quite soft and earthy tones for the whole outfit including the ballerina wedges!:) I love statement jewelry and I think the necklace adds a little something special to it! 

What I’m wearing:
Two-tone scarf by Zahra Scarves
Chunky necklace from Chamelon
Light pink blazer from Cotton On
Pink top from Vintage Shop
Clutch from Nose
Tapered pants from Topshop
Wedges from Angel
Ballerina inspired wedges. o_0
My Favourite necklace.

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Sunday, 29 May 2011

HFW Day #1 : Workwear

Out of all my HFW outfits, this outfit was the easiest to put together because it’s one of the many looks I’ve actually worn to work before! I’m working as an architecture lecturer, so for work wear I opted for something really comfy like this black skirt(skirts are always comfy!) and a chiffon leopard printed top.

Being in the field of architecture, I’ve always considered fashion to be quite the same as architecture. It’s about presenting new ideas, being creative, creating the right proportion, knowing yourself and what you want to convey, making it inspirational, just like producing a work of art.
What I'm wearing: 
Turquoise Pashmina from The Mines
Leopard printed top from Vintage Shop
Turquoise ring from Forever21
Belt from Padini
Black skirt from My sister's:p
Brown Clutch, also my sister's:p
Black pumps from Times Square 

I happen to love bright and bold colours, that’s why I added a touch of turquoise to the look with my headscarf. The tucked in leopard print top with the black skirt and belt shows a more serious, fierce side of me. It shows that I want my students to take me seriously but at the same time, the pop of colour says that I can still be fun and hip at the same time(hahaha, can stop laughing at myself!!). 

Usually when I give lectures, I will be standing most of the time, so it is very essential that I always have the most comfy heels on! And these pair of black pumps always does the job, plus because their black, it’s easy for me to match them with any of my other outfits:)

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Monday, 23 May 2011

Tessel Earrings.

What I'm wearing:

|Asymmetrical top from TOPSHOP
|Printed skirt from http://mellovelly.blogspot.com/ 
|Bangles from PRIMARK
|Tessel Earrings from http://nudesultry.blogspot.com/

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un.

Today me and my sisters had a small photoshoot for timah's new project(I will post the photos later!) and afterwards we went to this place called The Little White Cafe in Bangi. The place has a great cozy interior that would make you feel like you're actually in a different country! It kind of reminds me of this place we went to in Switzerland a few years back So anyways, after all the exhaustion of the photoshoot, it was definitely a nice treat, plus the waiters were friendly and kind! And the food wasn't at all bad. Overall I think it's a super fun and exquisite place to dine=). You can check this place out on their FB page here
Kayah and me just chillin' and enjoying the warm interior:)
Kakak and Timah
Yummaaay Red Velvet Cake!!
More yummy food-potato salad and i cant remember what the other one was.tehee
Spaghetti  Carbonara
This is what I had, Vege Lasagna and Mocha Frapuchinno
Just the expression on our faces says it all! 
Loved the interior!
Definitely will be coming back to this place!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Tale of 4 Sisters.

I can barely remember the last time I had the chance to hangout with my sisters all at once. Since my eldest sister is married, and my other two sisters are both still studying, it's hard to find time for all 4 of us to be free at the same time. So anyways, I managed to escape from work a little early yesterday and we finally had our 'girls day out' that we've been longing to have for a while now. My eldest sister drove us to klcc, and we were supposed to help her out with some shopping, but being true girls that we are, we ended up doing more of our own shopping instead! lol.
Upon arriving, the first thing we did was drop by Harrods because my sister wanted to get some macarons(which I never really fancy because I'm not much of a sweet tooth person).

 Afterwards, we went to grab a bite at Kyros Kebab and as always we just talked,laughed, and had so much fun enjoying each others' company. While we're at it, I might as well introduce you all to my sisters:P hehe
 This is my eldest sister, Maryam a.k.a Maya. She's turning 26 this year, already married and currently working as a TESL lecturer in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi.
Just incase you don't know. This is me .haha. Im turning 23 this coming June(yikes! I feel so old) I'm currently working as an architecture lecturer at Linton University College, Mantin.
This is my other sister Fatimah a.k.a timah. She's turning 21 this year and currently doing her B.Sc Mechanical Engineering in UITM, Shah Alam.
And last but not least is my youngest sister, Khodijah a.k.a kayah. She's 17 and will be taking her SPM this year! btw, she's the only single lady here!:P haha

 I feel so lucky to have my sisters. We share pretty much everything, especially clothes! We get to ask second opinions when we go shopping and the best part is that we can always talk to each other and share our problems. I always have so much fun when I'm around them. And yesterday was no exception! :)
 This would be another hobby of ours, posing for pictures!

 Me and my almost-twin-sister, timah:P

I love you girls!!

My best friends are my sisters:)