Thursday, 30 June 2011

Rolling Out For Tansformers 3 in Style.

Hello readers!:) As you might have read about this in my previous post, i was invited to the premiere screening of Transformers : Dark of the Moon last Tuesday along with two other lovely ladies who I'm pretty sure you all know, Aimie and Ami. It was definitely a pleasant experience thanks to Chevrolet and Leonard's awesome team for giving us quite the VIP treatment!:) I would describe it as a night full of excitement and fun especially getting to meet new people which included awesome people like Rina Omar, Henry Golding and the smokin hot Halenness:)

And here's a video of what went on that day!

So now about the movie! I've watched both previous Transformers movies and I have to say my fave was the second one! This third installment of Transformers was not at all bad either, filled with plenty of action but somehow I think there was something missing. Perhaps it's the fact that I prefer Megan Fox as Shia's love interest over Rosie Hunington. Don't get me wrong, Rosie Hunington is THE absolute bombshell but I guess she's a bit too...what's the word?..girly..? I don't even like Megan Fox all that much but I do agree that the character suits Megan better. But anyhow, I had a fun time watching Tranformers 3 in 3D and really think you guys should go check it out too and tell me WHAT YOU THINK!:)

Have a great weekend everyone!

All I can say is one day I'll own one of these babies.
Taking a few pics before being chauffeured in one of these babies.
My sister Timah, Me, Ami and Aimie.

We chose to ride the grey one.
Let's do this!
Chauffeured all the way to Mid Valley.
Arriving in front of Mid Valley main drop-off(the one opposite The Garden's). Talk about making an entrance!
The very petite Rina Omar and her fiancee.
Before the movie started, this guy(I don't remember his name) were telling us how we were the first ever to watch T3 and that we were 1hour ahead of Thailand. lol.
Henry Golding and a friend.
After the movie had dinner courtesy of Amarin.Thank you for the yummy food! <3

Had a wonderful time with the girls;)
Photos taken from Chevrolet's FB page and Ami Schaheera.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Behind The Scenes : Jelita Magazine Aidilfitri Photoshoot

Last saturday we had a photoshoot for Jelita at Shea's sister's house in Bandar Sri Putra. The photoshoot
was for the Raya edition, hence we were all dressed in our baju raya. The photoshoot started of with a short briefing, make-up session(my fave bit), and there were 4 make-up artists present including the talented Anna Cherie who did my make-up for the day;)(wohoo!) Anyways, at the beginning the shots were taken in pairs and I was photographed with Shea and Yana. Afterwards we had to change into our second outfit for the spread shot of all 12 of us together. I'm pretty sure the photos will turn out great and hope everyone will get a copy of this issue when it comes out! Big thanks to Jelita for including me in this shoot.
Before the make-up session. you can see me sans make-up.
Maria getting all glamed-up.
Then it was my turn.

Tadaa! this is what looked like after Anna worked her magic:)
What I wore: 
Cream top from Topshop
Printed Kain from Nagoya that I tied like a pario:p
Snood from Maysaa
Necklace and ring both from Diva
Close-up of Anna's work, glad that I didn't have to put on fake eyelashes:)
The very lovely Anna Cherie and Jezmine.
Ami looking gorgeous as ever!<3

Maria--underneath all that personality, is truly a sweet and loving person;)
My second outfit for the spread shot with Eyqa:)

Really loved the make-up by Anna Cherie<3
Had a super great time with ma girls!! Love u all;));)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Roll Out with Chevrolet for TRANSFORMERS 3

Transformers : Dark of the Moon is coming out soon and guess what!? I was lucky enough to get an invite to the PREMIERE screening of The most anticipated movie of 2011 which is hitting Malaysia next week, together with the very lovely Ami and Aimie. Talk about triple AAAwesomeness:P Anyways, big thanks to team ChevroletLeo, and Ami .

And get this, Chevrolet also wants YOU to be the first in the WORLD to roll out with Chevrolet for the premiere screening of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

Wanna be among those first few people to watch Transformers 3 in the WORLD? Stand a chance to do so by entering this TWEET contest!
(read more about it here and here)
All you have to do is:
1. Follow @Chevrolet_MY on twitter
2. Like Chevrolet Malaysia's facebook page
Tell @Chevrolet_MY which is your favourite Transformers character, Chevrolet model and WHY
Example Answer: Optimus Prime n Chevrolet Captiva because they’re both COOL and reliable! @chevrolet_my

Chevrolet Camaro for Transformers

Date:                 Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Time:                 6.00 pm

Venue:              Golden Screen Cinemas,
                         Level 4, Mid Valley Megamall


On Studiomates..

Ever since I started working, I rarely got the chance to meet up with my uni friends a.k.a my former studiomates. So just the other day we finally managed to meet up at the curve for some major catching up!! It was so much fun getting to talk to them again and catching up with what was currently going on in their much has changed since the last time we met..these are friends who I grew very close to during my final years of studio and friends who will always have a huge place in my heart..

I'm not very good with words and even though i don't say much when i'm around them, I really want them to know, no matter what direction you choose in your life and what struggles you may face in the future, always know that Allah is the best listener you can turn to..don’t waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window, or break down a door..Wether your happy or sad, either way you still have to go on and live your life, so you might as well choose to be happy..I wish you girls the best and hope that you  take good care of you all from the bottom of my heart.

"There is nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends.."


Me, Wen, Sunie, Dinah, Naju and Nurul. Missing : Abie

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Quote of The Day.

People waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.

Not good with words?? -->Ideas On How To Be A Romantic Guy.

Before I start, this entry is dedicated to Mr.Shafiq a.k.a my soulmate of almost 5years. I haven't seen him for a couple of months now. Even though were quite far apart, somehow it feels as though we've grown closer to each other more than we had ever been before(he's back in Ipoh now where he's living) I guess what I really want to say is I miss him and I'm thankful that I've truly found the most amazing guy to fall in love with everyday:)... I've never been good with words myself and sometimes it's hard to put in words how you feel so I think we have a really good way of saying things through actions, gifts or anything in a physical form.

So anyways, back to our topic, romantik ni sebenarnye subjektif..some people are able to communicate effectively through verbal communication. Some people find it easier to say things through have you ever felt out of words or tongue-tied when it comes to expressing your feelings or trying to win the heart of someone you really like?? here's a crash-course on how you can let out your feelings without having to worry about the words coming out wrong...

Lesson #1: Make her a card. Be it a simple plain card or even a more elaborate one, girls love it when they get hand-made cards from guys.
If you've already given her one of those, maybe you could try this idea, a POP-UP card! This would surely leave her breathless.

Lesson #2: Write her a poem. Try out your writing skills and put together a special poem just for her, if you're not that into creating your own, find poetry that she loves or that she would probably enjoy reading.

Lesson #3: Buy her flowers! Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers when she's having a bad day. That would definitely put a smile on her face:)

Lesson #4: Make her a name tag with pictures of you and her in it! Remember that every little thing you do can make so much difference. Even if it's as small as this one. Because it's the thought that counts!!

Lesson #5: Make her a 'love certificate'. As cheesy as it may sound, you'd be surprised what wonders it can do:P This one is THE deal breaker. lol

Lesson #6: Make her a bookmark. It's a simple gift, but each time she flips the page of a book, she'll be thinking of you!

Lesson #7: If you have zero talent in making all the above, perhaps buy her one of these winning gifts:
1. A Teddy Bear

2. A cute ring
3. A handbag

Lesson # 8: Draw her a portrait. Even if you don't have all the drawing talent in the world, it wouldn't hurt to try something like this and show her your effort:)

Lesson #9: Write her love letters and fold them into different shapes. Remind her of how you both met or memories you had together.

Last but not least, if you want to go all out in giving her the ultimate-DIY-romantic-experience, sew her something made out from your old jeans! This would definitely make her jaw drop!

So that's it for today people! Hope this has been helpful for those of you searching for something different to do today! It doesn't have to be for your girl, it could also be for your friends, mom or even your colleagues!

Selamat mencuba! ^_^

Introducing: Mr.Shafiq:)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Featured In : Aquila Asia May/June issue

Hye everyone! I've been meaning to post this but didn't really have the time so this will just be a quickie entry. Thanks to Anna and her friends, a few of us hijabi sisters were featured in Aquila Asia May/June issue. It was the first time I got my hands on the magazine since it's sold in limited shops. But I'm sure you can find the magazine in MPH, Kinokuniya, and other stores that sell international magazines. Aquila Asia is the world's first definitive English-language fashion & lifestyle magazine for cosmopolitan Muslim women.The magazine is filled with interesting articles and issues regarding the Muslim world and everything in between! Grab one today and see for yourself!:)

Jakarta-Bandung Escape.

mIt's been quite a while since we had our last family vacation, and this one wasn't actually planned. It was kind of an impromptu trip because my brother's semester break was finally over and my mom felt bad that we didn't really go anywhere while he was at home so that's when she decided to take us to Jakarta+Bandung. And it was actually a nice getaway for me since lately I've been quite busy with work:p.
Girls will always be girls:p

This is why i love flying:)
and this!

 So we departed from klia on thursday morning via Garuda Airlines. Arrived in Jakarta at about 9am local time. On the first day we went to one of the many Mangga Dua Malls in the city of Jakarta. Then we went to a local store famous for it's leather products called Grutty. I didnt get anything in leather,but I did get myself a pair of really nice black pumps! so yay for me! :D and after dinner we went to Toko Tiga, a place that sells really cheap branded(and original) jeans!

Me and my ummi:)
My brother getting his shopping groove on. lol

Then afterwards our very funny driver/tour guide drove us straight to Bandung. By the time we reached our hotel room we were all exhausted and went to bed. During the night we couldn't realy capture the ambience of bandung because it was quite dark and there wasn't much lighting along the roads. Only the next morning I discovered how intriguing and delightful bandung was. I simply enjoyed it's breezy weather and warm atmosphere:) Bandung has a bit of that Cameron Highland feel to it but slightly better. The second day was my personal favorite because we went to Tangkuban Perahu. It's actually a Volcano site. When you get to the top its quite chilly but the view is to die for..

Subhanallah..nothing compares to the beauty of Allah's creation..

Camwhoring as usual.

 Just before going to the next destination, I went on a horse was hilarious since i completely made a fool out of myself when i was getting on the horse. Luckily I mustered every bit of confidence i had and rocked it LIKE A BOSS! hehe

 For lunch we went to this very nice restaurant and had a taste of Sunda cuisine. Comparing Padang food and Sunda food, i think i enjoyed Sunda food a little bit more:)

Terliur tak? :p
On the third day, it was pretty much a whole day of shopping!! hhhuuuhhh..just thinking of it makes me exhausted already. lol there were so many factory outlets and shopping places that were just too much to handle in a day! By the end of the day we were already heading back to Jakarta..
The Durian ice-cream here was exquisite! the best I've ever tasted!
Some random building in Jakarta.

 On the last day we went to Monas and Tanah Abang, had lunch and back to the airport. It was such a pleasant experience and I would definitely love to come again! :)
Monas, Jakarta.