Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Frisch Verheiratet

I know this is a late post. But better late than never! hehe..Early this month 4 of my close family/friends got married on the same weekend! And I was only able to attend one which was my cousin's wedding, since i was the maid of honor:) The lovely Eyqa Sulaiman and Adriani's wedding was on the same day so it was obvious that i couldn't make it to their wedding. And my future-sister-in-law's wedding was on Sunday but it was in Perak and I couldn't drive there all by myself! So i missed that one too..but it's ok.. even though i couldn't make it, I wish them all the happiness in the world and that they have great marriages and make cute babies! hehe..

And I know I haven't been very active blogging these past few weeks. After all I wasn't a hardcore blogger to begin with. I only blog when I feel like sharing something close to my heart, plus these past few weeks have been quite hectic for me.. I'm currently still working fulltime, doing my masters fulltime and I'm busy planning for something huge next year(can't tell you what it is just yet!:p). So I can say that I'm a busy, busy woman. So anyways, back to my cousins' wedding, yes my beautiful cousin, Marina Salina Raof Senk. Oh I just love saying her name! She's half Malay half German. Very happy for her that she's finally married and found her little piece of happiness:)

The Solemnization
Alhamdulllah, they are husband and wife;)

Me and my sister in the hotel room, camwhoring as the bride was getting her makeup and hair done.
My sisters and I. Our Kakak missing in action.

Us being super silly doing the "majalah melayu" pose.
With cousins
The beautiful bride and her groom.
*berangan nak kawen jap* :p
"Just Married"

Monday, 12 September 2011

The 4-hour-body-diet.

As you all know Raya is still going on and with Raya going on Im just bound to eat a lot with all the open houses in my schedule!! So this year, I'm trying out this diet called The 4-Hour-Body Diet. What is it you might ask? Well to sum it up it's a diet that consist of basically:





Ah but that's not all! the best part about this diet is there is a 'Cheat Day' You can pick ONE day of the week(make it the same day for each week), say Saturday, and on that chosen day, you can eat all you want! no dieting needed!

On dieting days, you cannot eat any kind of white carbs: no rice, bread, potatoes or such. no milk, no sugared drinks, only H2O and green tea(without sugar!) No fried food of any kind.

My cousin and his wife have tried this diet and I've seen tremendous results from them! So I actually just started this diet yesterday(12/09/11) and we'll see what happens in a month! For the time being, here are some recipes you can check out if you feel like trying out this diet!
Also try these:

As for beans, you can try any kind of beans including butter beans, mixed beans, baked beans, peas, lintel. I got mine from Tesco.

It's time to get healthy people!!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Eid 1432

WARNING!! Before you scroll down i warn you that this will be quite a long entry filled with plenty of oh-so-vain-raya photos. If you chose to proceed, don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Raya : Day 1

Like any other year, my family and I have always celebrated raya in Bangi (which is practically where I live). So this year was no exception( dear relatives, please la next year let the host be someone else, us Bangi peeps are getting bored raya-ing here every single year. Every year it's the same routine. After Aidilfitri prayers we drive to my aunt's house which is also in Bangi. And in the evening all my relatives (from my mom's side) will come over and beraya at our place. So as usual we cooked rendang ayam+daging+ketupat+nasi impit(wajib every year) and my mom added mee rebus to the menu since it's always nice to have something else besides your typical-raya-menu. There was this one year we made tons of Pizzas on the first day of raya which i thought was an awesome idea! Anyways, here is my first baju raya:
I wasn't really in the mood to dress up on the first day since i knew we'd be busy in the kitchen making sure all our guests stomach be filled with good food. Oh and my sister kayah made cheesecakes as she always does!
Cousins, aunties, and our Maktok!
SAY DUET RAYAAA!!! (yeah right, bukan aku dpt pun)
Qayyum my adorable cousins son!
Qayyum playing around and finding himself in between Maktok's undergarments. How funny he is!

Raya : Day 2, 3, 4 i think?

Ok so these are the only pics I took from day 2 because, well let's just say nobody(including me:p) really bothered charging the camera battery so by the time we got to my aunt's house in Damansara the battery was completely out. And here are some shots I took of my raya makeup! they're all using the same lipstick colour just with a different eye shadow and contact lens colour ! (Pure Honey and Sterling Grey, both from Fresh Look)

What do you think of my new sterling grey contacts? (This was the first time I tried this colour, usually I wear pure hazel because obviously I couldn't possibly get away with blue eyes)

Raya : Day 5

On Day 5, we went to my uncles place in Subang Jaya. He's a doctor so he had only healthy food on the table! LOL. just kidding. But the food was great I swear! Come to think about it, I think I just gained some few extra pounds over 5 days of raya! Oh well, bila lagi nak makan tak ingat dunia betol tak..?? hehehe 

Chamwhoring as usual

Don't you just wanna curl him up and squeeze this ball of cuteness!!

Cuteness attack!

Tina the superstar again!
My sisters and I
My cousin Elani, credit to her for the lovely photos:)

Nude pumps
Raya : Day 6

We were off to Selayang on day 6 and my aunt cooked Spaghetti Bologna Malay style! and it was at her house that I found some baby photos of me when we were still in the UK. I don't have a lot of baby photos so I was really happy I stumbled upon my cute baby photos! hehe.  
My brother, timah and me.
This isn't really a raya outfit but I kinda loved it so made it one of my baju raya! (bought it online from Anati who sold this vintage dress and added my own touch to it-the tiffany blue ribbon!)

I super duper love chunky heels!

Although I did not have a kampung to drive back to and it was my first year not getting duet raya, I had a swell time with my family and since I started working, I feel like every moment spent with my family is more precious than anything I could ever ask for.. hope you all had a splendid raya and before it's too late I'd like to wish everyone:

Eid Mubarak!!:) 
Selamat Hari Raya 
Maaf Zahir Batin.