Tuesday, 29 May 2012

HFW Day 2 : Favourite Hijab

Day 2 is all about your favourite hijab and to begin with, my favorite scarf at the moment is this teal scarf I got when I was in Sabah. I love the colour simply because it's bright and fun!:) Ok moving on, check out this other blouse I got from(yeah, you guessed it) ZAWARA . The blouse is in a delicious purple colour with an asymmetrical drape detailing which I looove beyond words! :D ahh I just can't get enough. Another thing I love about the clothes at Zawara is that I CAN FIT THE CLOTHES and you can dress it down as casual wear or dress it up and be all glamorous. It also caters for plus size girls such as myself. Not to mention full lining and materials used are super exquisite! For this entry I opted to style the beautiful blouse in a more glamorous style:

What I'm wearing:
Teal Scarf From Sabah
Purple Blouse From Zawara
Clutch From Dorothy Perkins
Ring From Diva
Cream Skirt From Warta Bangi
Silk Scarf From Xian
Electric Blue Shoes From Agape

Till then! xx

HFW Day 1 : Leader In Hijab

I noticed that the HFW just started yesterday and this time around I didn't officially join the event. But since I went shopping at ZAWARA the other day and bought myself some of the pieces from their gorgeous collection, I couldn't help but share with you all the beautiful pieces! You can also check them out for yourself at:

Zawara Boutique,
C-0-5, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-62010027 / 1-300-225-536 

Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/ZawaraOnline
Twitter : @Zawaradotcom
Blog : http://blog.zawara.com/
Instagram : @zawara

Okay so I've been super busy BUT I managed to come with an outfit for day Day 1 & 2. And today(more like yesterday's) theme was "Leader In Hijab" . I wore this glamorous-peplum-like satin blouse that I got from Zawara and it's so comfy you gotta get yourself one too!! Most of all, I love the silhouette that is beautifully designed and tailored.  Anyways, here's what I came up with for Day 1:

What I'm wearing :  
Leopard Print Pashmina From Turkey
Black Satin Blouse From Zawara
Tapered Pants From Topshop
Clucth Bag From Guess
Black Pumps From Times Square
Ring from Diva

unleashing my inner fierceness. (NOOOOT)
Till then! Stay fierce! xx

P/s: also, if want to check out my outfits from the past HFW, just click on the HFW label:)

Monday, 14 May 2012

15th May : A Day Of Remembrance

As some of you might have already heard, today is Nakbah Day. 64 years ago, on this exact day, was the day where Israel laknatullah was declared as a state. Since then, there have been massive migration of Jewish from across Europe and Rusia to Palestine, in which the number reached up to hundreds of thousands. Eventually, little by little, the Palestinians were chased of their land, through lies and force. Not only the lands taken from the rightful owner of the Palestinians, but also they were seriously breaking the international agreement.

Until today, Israel continues to show no humanity on the Palestine. The Palestinians have been suffering for more than 64 years while we, citizens in other parts of the world continue to live our lavish lives without even bothering to know about what is happening to our brothers and sisters and is a shame on all of us.

Today, PERUBATAN Cawangan Mansurah had released a poster in regards to Nakbah day. With its simple yet catchy design, the poster portrays an accurate and detailed chronology of events that leads to the Nakbah Day.

You can also show your support and spread awareness by setting your profile picture to any of these men and women histograms(picture below). Unlike the usual default profile picture, these pictures are set in brown background, with the ‘men’ and ‘women’ clad in brown uniform (the women had put on hijab) with some words in Jew written on the clothing. It represents the Palestinian political prisoners who were, and are, detained by the Israel while the writings are “Shabas”, which is the abbreviation of the Israeli Prison Service. 

So let us show the world that the eyes of Muslim do not close from the suffering of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine! One Muslim suffering is the suffering of all of us!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

HijUp Meeting & Hijabista Magazine Launch

Very recently we met up and had a makan2 with the HijUp team , Zara Dhan and Diajeng Lestari from Indonesia at Delicious, Bangsar. If you haven't seen their website yet, you better go check it out this instance, right HERE. All the clothes are to die for! Go go buy some! :p
Everybody say HijUP! :D

My new favorite thing to do *muahahahaha*
yay, makan time!
Check out these adorable rings by the lovely Diajeng Lestari
Then off we headed to PWTC via LRT! what an adveture it was!
vain pics satu. oh wait. make that two
sume busy meng-update dgn alat2 canggih. me: krik..krik.. *keluarkan hp lopek*
Farah Asyikin singing "Love You Like A Love SOng" while we sang along at the back. lol

Goodies from Hijabista Magazine. And a Dian Pelangi Scarf. 
The lovely Putri. Curik gambar ni dari die hehe
One big happy family:)
Diana Amir
I didn't bring a camera that day so all photos from Ami. thanks Ami! :)
What I wore:
Maxi dress by DOTclassic
Clutch from Nose
Metal Belt from Matahari
Ring from Diva
Thank you HijUp team & Hijabista Magazine for having us! We had a splendid time, Alhamdulillah:)
Till then! xx