Friday, 24 August 2012

Eid 1433 : Day 1

Salaam my lovely readers! I just wanted to wish you all Eid Mubarak! Taqaballahu Minna Wa Minkum:) Hope you're having a beautiful Raya with your loved ones! Here's how I spent my raya..hehe..

On the first day of raya we performed our Eidul Fitr Prayer in Bangi, after that we drove straight to the bungalow in Bukit Beruntung my relatives rented for us to spend our raya there ( yeah, we started doing that since we don't have a kampung. Sad, I know) On the bright side, this year I have a new Kampung I went back to:p (will blog about that later iA) 
Because kuih raya and rendang is just too mainstream. hehe
I didn't snap a lot of photos, but here's a video by my awesome cousins of CelebrateTV to show you how much fun we had during raya! People, meet my big, loud, crazy family:p Till then, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin Everyone!! xx

Friday, 17 August 2012

On Giving Back

Meet Sakinah, Shahirah, and Barirah. Aged  4 - 7. Still so very young, and have such bright futures ahead of them..

But wait..there's just something not quite right about this picture..

Take a look into their eyes.. and tell me, what do you see? I see innocence, I see hope, anger, pain, and above all, I see a longing to be loved and cared for unconditionally by the people we call.. mom, ummi, abi, ayah, papa..... 

According to UN statistics, there are about 410,000 orphans, presumably only those with no parents in Malaysia, yet the whole population of Malaysia which is about 28million people, aren't even able to give these children in need the necessities they deserve. As Muslims, it is our duty to make sure our Muslim sisters and brothers don't go through what we wouldn't want our family or even ourselves to go through. 

Prophet Muhammad (S) has said: "No one of you believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself."

That is why Islam encourages us to give Sadaqah. Sadaqah does not always traslate to money. All good deeds are considered Sadaqa in Islam. So If we cannot contribute in means of money, or food, or other necessities, we can always pay a visit to the orphanage or charity shelters and take the time to play with them, read them a story, show them some love, anything to make them smile. Or maybe even the simplest gifts like bringing them fruits or 'kuih muih'.. apa apa saja yang kita mampu..

Allah (SWT) says in the Noble Qur'an: "By no means shall you attain to righteousness until you spend (benevolently) out of what you love; and whatever thing you spend, Allah surely knows it." (3:92)

Ramadhan is almost ending, so don't let our good deeds come to an end as well. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hijabista Magazine Iftar

Over the weekend I attended the Hijabista Iftar at Putrajaya's Equestrian Park in Presint 5. Never knew it was such a beautiful place! I reached Putrajaya a little late and by the time I got to the Equestrian Park lobby, people where already eating. Luckily I was sitting at the same table with Ami Schaheera Natasha Hudson and Emmy Zuraihan who kept me company! The colour theme was brown + pink (a combo I've never worn before) not to mention the fact that I didn't have anything in pink(except for hot pink) so I went for something simple and modest:) I borrowed my sister's abaya, tehee (thanks kayah!). Also, the food was great. They served Sate, roast lamb, Briyani, Cendol, everything, you name it! *omnomnomnom*
Doorgift from Hijabista. Lovin' the bling2!
Farah Asyikin & Natasha Hudson sharing stories about their hijrah to hijab. Touching stories<3
Emmy & Ami smilling listening to Farah & Natsha's story
Natasha doing the gangsta pose, lol. Btw she's on the cover of Hijabista's September Issue! She is really down-to-earth and the nicest person ever you will ever meet!
Ami & I 
With Natasha, Ami, Emmy and my junior from back in UIA, Fazrena Of TudungPeople
The doorgifts!<3 
Abaya : Kayah's | Headscarf : Pashmina my mom bought from Turkey | Clutch Bag : Mango | Skirt : Mellovelly

Thank you Hijabista Mag for the invite and the lovely food! 
Sape sape yang dah nak balik kampung tu, drive safely ya!! 
Till then! xx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Bridal Hijab Tutorial

Assalamualaikum and salam Ramadhan ladies!:) Today I'm going to answer 2 of the most FAQ from all you lovely ladies out there!

1. What contact lenses do I wear?
2. How did I do my DIY bridal hijab?

# 1: I wear FreshLook contact lenses in Pure Hazel colour because it's the only contact lenses that look natural to me, no?

# 2 : Bridal Hijab Tutorial Alert!

First I thought I'd do a video but then I figured this would be much more easier since I was kinda in a hurry and mr.hubs was waiting for me to go to the Ramadhan Bazaar!

Ok so here are the things you will need:

1. A Tulle/Net veil
2. Headpiece (you might find some pretty nice ones at chamelon, but this one I DIY-ed on my own!:p
3. Pashmina (fringes cut off)
4. Chiffon scarf (one edge cut into half-moon shape)

P/s: ignore the maysaa inner scarf i'm wearing, that's just for covering purpose:)

Step #1 : Fold about 1/3 of your pashmina.
Step #2 : Place the pashmina on your head with one side longer than the other. Make sure the folded side is inside.
Step #3 : Simply pin your pashmina together with a small brooch.
Step #4 : Wrap the longer part of the pashmina around your head and secure the end with a stick pin a.k.a jarum peniti.

Step #5 : Tuck the shorter part neatly inside with another small brooch to get look #5.
Step #6 : Place the headpiece slightly above the tip of your forehead and tie neatly.
Step #7 : Take the chiffon scarf and place it on your head with both sides at equal length. Adjust accordingly so that it covers the back part of the headpiece. Once it's in place, secure with stick pins.
Step #8 : Neatly drape the half-moon part of the scarf and secure on shoulder with a brooch. You can either leave the back part hanging as part of the veil or you can just tidy it up and pin at the back.

Step #9 : My DIY veil was cut into an oval shape(like in the picture above) but instead of placing it vertically like that, what I did was I folded it (like we did in step # 1) and placed the veil horizontally(rotate 90degrees)
Step #10 : Finally, just secure the veil with stick pins on both sides and you're done!


Thank you mr.hubs for reluctantly being my photographer!kikiki:p
Till then. Have a blessed ramadhan! xx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

On Being Married

After recently getting married, the most frequently asked question I get is "best tak kahwin?" and "how is it like being a Mrs??"

I usually just answer "BEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSTTTT" with a huge smile on my face!  like this \(^_____^)/


Anyways, you know how people say marriage is not just a bed of roses? It's not. [so far] It's a bed of gazillion roses and lavenders and tulips and all the flowers you can think of! It's like a beautiful dream that I never want to wake up from. Its like having your bestfriend with you at all times. It's like falling in love over and over again each day of your life. Its also a lot of fun! We argue on what to eat, what movies to watch, what songs to listen to in the car(btw he hates my song choices and I hate his, so to be fair-we alternate songs/radio stations while driving and we make fun of each others song choices all the time) Sometimes when we need to clean the house or go out to buy groceries, we'll plan and plot who's going to do what, like it's some kind of quest or game or something.

We've been married for only a month now and we're still getting to know each other should I put it, 'thoroughly'?... hehe..everyday I discover/learn new things I never knew about my husband. Yeah I know, we've known each other for almost 6 years, how could I not know him right?.. But trust me, in 6 years you might only know maybe like 10% of the person you marry..the other 90% comes after you live together. Which isn't a bad idea ofcourse, given the freedom of a halal relationship.

I can't stop smiling, thinking of our experience as husband & wife these past 4 weeks. Like when we do congregational prayer together and he is the imam. It's something I always look forward to and enjoy. When he recites the wirid after prayer, he always holds my hand, and stares into my eyes while doing so. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And that time when we moved into our apartment and we were cleaning the house. I was mopping the floor, he was cleaning the ceiling fan, and I remember 'Dance With My Father Again' by Luthor Vandross playing in the background. All of a sudden he appears behind me, twirls me around, grabs me by the waist and holds my hand gently. and we slowdance to the song. I don't know why, at that moment it made me cry. It was like the whole world stopped and all I could see was him. Everything around just dissapeared.

I can't believe how much I'm in love with you, my husband.

Is this what true love feels like?

Rasulallah SAW said : When a husband and wife look at each other with love, Allah looks at both of them with Mercy.