Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mercy Of All Mankind, Teacher Of All Mankind

I know a man who lost his parents but refused to be called an orphan.

Man enough to love a strong woman years older than him, worked for her and made her stronger, opened his heart to her, shared his fears to no one but her, cleaned after himself and sewed his clothes, and was faithful to her till her last breath.

He was good looking, courageous and fearless. He never judged anyone on their pasts. Intelligent, wise and a hard worker, built a long lasting nation out of nothing in the last 20 years of his life.

He had no parents, but loved his daughters and grandchildren. His last will was "Be good to women".

This man is a dreamer, this man is Prophet Muhammad, a man worth looking up to.

Peace be upon him.


Saturday, 8 September 2012

TV9 Carnival I-Raudah

Salaam Alaykum lovelies!;) Today I attended the Carnival I-Raudah at Masjid Al-Hidayah, Taman Melawati as a guest for the 'Circle Talk' and model(?) hehe..The carnival is basically something like the 'Sure Heboh' Carnival but with a more Islamic approach.

As always, I had my husband accompany me(even though he had other work to do) so thank you encik suami:) We arrived early in the morning at about 8am at the Mosque, where I bumped into Shea(also appeared on the show). We made a small appearance on the 'Nasi Lemak Kopi O' morning show and as the day progressed, there were so many interesting things happening at the carnival like 'Tanyalah uztaz' program, Saffiya, futsal, coloring competition, 'Upin & Ipin', and so much more!! Plus they had a Raya buffet! Nasi lemak, Laksa, Lemang, Rendang, Roti Canai, you name it! *Omnomnomnom*

The 'Lin Saffiya' booth (for girls only)
A quick rehearsal few minutes before the show.
Being interview by Diana Amir & Liyana Hisham. Photo courtesy of Tia Saadon:)

The newly pregnant HunnyMadu. I barely noticed her cute tummy!:)
The 'Saffiya' Show
Hosts for the day, Diana Amir & Liyana Hisham:)
In the evening, we modeled for the new collection from Old Blossom Box (didn't snap any photos since mr.hubs wasn't allowed in). Afterwards, we(Lyna, Jezmine, Shea, Adriani and I) were interviewed by Diana Amir & Liyana Hisham in a segment called 'Circle Talk'. I thought it was a very beneficial talk/interview session since we were given the opportunity to interact with the audience and share so many things with them like fashion tips, experiences, daily struggles of being Muslim women, transformation from before wearing the hijab and so on. It was such a fun & humbling experience:)
Hot mama Hana Fedora just got back from uk. And I got to meet her & her adorable little prince!:) 

The I-Raudah Carnival will be at 2 other locations, so make sure to check out TV9's FB Page for the locations! Till then!xx

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review: Wedding Videographer

Salaam ladies! How are you this fine morning? :)

Before anything, I'd like to apologize for being very slow with updating my wedding reviews, I've had a lot of bride-to-be's message me on facebook asking me to do more reviews. So this is all i have for you lovely ladies at the moment!

Anyways, if you read my previous posts, I believe I had already introduced the official videographer for my wedding, the awesome people behind HoraHorey Videography.

Before my wedding I had asked for quotations from several other videogrphers but most of them charged 3k and above(for only 1 event) which at that time, did not fit my budget. So I tried emailing the people at HoraHorey and they offered a range of packages at very affordable prices! I checked out their videos on vimeo and was impressed by their work. So I followed my instincts(since I had a very good feeling about it) and instantly booked them for my wedding:)

On the wedding day, they were punctual and very professional. It was a one day event from morning till almost midnight(akad in the afternoon + reception at night) but they were dedicated to their job and worked until about 12 midnight to capture our wedding moments! And I have already received the videos in less than 2months! The package included 3 videos-- a highlight of our nikah+reception, HoraHorey moments(candid moments during both events) and wishes(a video of friends/family giving out their wishes to the bride & groom) All that for less than 3k! (I don't know what packages they offer this year and their price range but I'm sure if you contact them they will give you what you want according to your budget:)

So if you're looking for a videographer, they are definitely recommended!
P/s: Don't forget to mention my name, should you decide to go with them, tehee!:p

Songs I picked for my video:
Use Somebody (cover) - Laura Jensen
Say (All I Need) - One Republic
L.O.V.E (cover) - Joss Stone

For better quality, select the HD button at the bottom right side and click 720p

The first time I watched my wedding video, I cried. Just thinking back on those moments made me really happy. A lot of things went wrong the day before my wedding but on the actual wedding day, everything just felt inplace and I enjoyed every bit of it, Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah:')

Years from now when we have kids(insyaAllah) and their all grown up, we can show this video to them and hopefully they will enjoy the video as much as we did;) 
Till then! Stay happy!xx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Eid 1433 : Day 2

This post is waaay overdue but I still wanted to share my [one and only] raya outfit this year! Tehee! While a lot of girls would probably be wearing Jovian or Rizalman this raya, I wore a unique piece by the lovely Mazlianul Maznan :) I love it's exquisite soft material that falls nicely where it's supposed to, and also very comfy to wear in Malaysia's hot & humid equatorial weather. Not to mention it's sleek vertical pattern in the middle that elongates my body making me appear taller than I really am!:P I love it so much I even wore it during my stay in Ipoh with the in-laws;)

I had a great time spending my raya with both my family and my husband's family. While we were in Ipoh, Fiq brought me to a place he always loved to go to whenever he wanted to clear his mind. I can understand why he loved the place so much! It is a beautiful recreational park nestled between limestone hills and landscaped gardens across the waters. There is even a manmade waterfall that almost looks as if its real!

After a few failed attempts at taking a photo of the both of us together, a lovely chinese lady offered to help snap a photo of us, thank you sweet lady!:)
Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang

What do you think of this MM piece? J'adore!

Till then!xx