Tuesday, 23 October 2012

On Current Obsessions

photos taken from ladylux

This 'trend' will never go out of style so it's always good to have a key piece that you can wear for any season. And for a fresher and more unique look, pair your striped top/blazer with another print but keep the second print subtle like polka dots/checkered prints or perhaps inkblot prints. Or you can even go stripe on stripe with different line weight! :)

Ok this trend to me is to die for because I loooove supersonic-metallic-shiny things! However, for plus-sized girls such as myself, shiny textures aren't that flattering on my body so I would prefer to wear this trend in the form of accessories like shoes and bags, or for hijabi's, the headscarf! It's just the right pop of texture that you need to complete your outfit:) But if you do decide to go foiled on the clothes, one key piece would be enough, me thinks .

I've noticed that bright florescent colours have stayed in trend for quite some time now and I believe their here to stay. My current favorite would have to be bright pink and aqua! But.....as a Muslims it is always important to stay modest so I don't think dressing head-to-toe in a flourescent colour would be a good idea coz it would definitely draw too much unwwanted attention to oneself. I would tone it down a notch to just one piece and pair it with neutral colours and add a statement necklace to complete the whole look! 

Forget leopard print, python snakeskin is taken over baybehh! Warning : sometimes animal print can be a little tricky and can easily turn into a fashion faux pas. So go for boxy silhouettes that will give it a more modern and energized look with a hint of bright coloured underlays to separate the pieces and give more definition to the pieces. 

Then of course there's other blooming trends like the Baroque trend, cut-outs, ruffles, crystal clear accessories etc etc but these are my favorite trends to steal and 'hijabify'! :D

Till then, stay modest but fabulous ladies!xx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Behind The Scenes: Hijabista Mag Photoshoot

Earlier today I was at the Karangkraf Studio in Shah Alam for a photoshoot with Hijabista Magazine for their upcoming Issue. I was super excited to know that the issue will be on travelling! Something I really love and really need right now! 

Anyways, I was more than thrilled to be a featured blogger for the shoot. The concept of the shoot was travelling essentials! Must-haves for the ladies when travelling.. If you want to read what its all about stay tuned for Hijabista's December issue! Hope it turns out nice, iA! :) xx

After getting all dolled-up:) Loved the makeup! It made me look fresh and radiant despite the fact that I was really drowsy from having a cold. And as per always, no false eyelashes ;)
The Hijabista team setting up props I brought for the photoshoot. Wardrobe also by yours truly:)
Thank you Alin for having me<3 can't wait for December's issue to be out! Also, have you read November's issue? yup, it's out with Shila Amzah gracing the cover. So what are you waiting for? got get yourself a copy! :D
Oh and a quick announcement, I am officially on Instagram! hehe feel free to say Hi:) @aishah_amin
Till then! Have a lovely weekend ladies!!xx

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Fun In The Sun

It was a lazy Sunday morning..and while having our breakfast, fiq said, "hey, you wanna go to the beach?" and I said "yeah, ofcourse! I would love that!" so off we went to Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson for some fun in the sun. I bought along some leftovers of fried rice I had cooked for breakfast together with tea and we had a nice little picnic beside the beach while enjoying the ocean breeze<3 Oh and we had plenty of ice-cream too:D


Headscarf : Alamanda
Sunnies : Matahari
Necklace : Chamelon
Blazer : Femme Elegante
T-shirt : H&M
Pants : H&M
Bag : Angel Boutique
Shoes : Agape

Till then! xx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

On Getting My Competent Drivers License

A few days ago I just realized my P license had expired, so today I took the time to head to JPJ to renew my license. As per usual, I was escorted by Mr.hubs to the JPJ building. Good thing I always keep a spare passport-sized photo in my purse, so all I had to do then was take a number, and wait at the seating area. I didn't even have the chance to sit down, my number appeared on the screen already! Talk about good service! 

Anyways, the friendly lady at the counter asked me for the photo, and before I knew it, my license was ready! I was beyond happy (and a little proud of myself to say the least) Since I was in such a good mood, we decided to go eat somewhere. I was driving and when we reached the place, I parked in the first parking lot visible. Then as we got out of the car I realized I had parked a bit too further behind in the designated parking lot. So I got back in the car and asked my husband to stand outside and tell me where I should stop(at that moment he was standing in front of the car. We were joking around and I guess I was being absent-minded again when I accidentally hit the acceleration pedal a bit too hard and hit my own husband!(I swear to God I had a massive heart attack! It was like my brain stopped functioning for 5 seconds. Luckily, my husband has the hidden talent of a stuntman and very quick reflex movement. He somehow managed to use his hand to lift his body and leap away from the car. I thought to myself if anything happened to my husband that day, I could never forgive myself.

Moral of the story is: Never be too happy or over-excited to the extent of turning absent-minded like me. -__-'

On a more cheerful note, he can’t stop making fun of what happened and keeps bragging about how he became a ‘stuntman’ today. Pffffft.