Monday, 26 November 2012

Khoon Hooi Fashion Show x Hijabista Website Launch

This was my first time attending Khoon Hooi's Fashion show that happened at KLpac last week and I have to say I'm officially a big fan! His Spring/Summer 2013 collection was inspired by the tropical orchid flower that he executed in peplums, prints and flares with lush detailing on the back of the garments. I love the simplicity of his designs yet the attention to the little details he exudes to make the pieces one of a kind. Ladies, feast your eyes on his beautiful collection! 
The lush detailings! <3
The white peplum and flowy grey skirt is my ultimate favorite and definitely something I would were! (plus some sleeves of course!) hehe
Ami with the designer himself, Khoon Hooi. On the right : Me, Mas Angelina and Ami
After the fashion show, we headed to IOI Mall, Petaling Jaya for the Hijabista Website Launch. The soiree happened at Redbox and you know what that means! Lots of Karaoke-ing! LOL. Oh and don't forget to check out the new HIJABISTA magazine website for online updates ya'll! 

With the adorable Heliza and my partner in crime as per always, Ami Schaheera:)
The lovely ladies of Al-Humaira Contemporary<3
Ignore my tired face and messy scarf. 
Headscarf : DIY
Blazer : Timah's :p
Baroque-esque Shirt : Kitschen
Pants : H&M
Clutch : Guess
Shoes : Forever21

Had a wonderful time and big thanks to Ami for the photos! I owe you one:p
Till then!xx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hijabista December Issue

As promised, here I am in the Hijabista Magazine December issue where I share travel tips for all you lovely ladies out there:) The new issue is out with Farah Adeeba gracing the cover plus tons of tips on travelling. So what are you waiting for, go grab one today:)

Farah Adeeba
Photo from my IG : aishah_amin
Also featured is the adorable Dena Bahrin.  the more reason to get it!! ;)
Till then! xx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

On Manners

Last Saturday I attended a friends wedding at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, KL with my husband. Being the forgetful person that I am, I left the invitation card with directions at home. But we managed to reach the place eventually.

On our way, we stopped by a KTM station to ask for directions. I stayed in the car while Mr. hubs went out and approached these 3 men (probably in their late 40's or early 50's) who were sitting beside the road. I don't know wether they were taxi drivers or the vendors selling fruits because we stopped at the taxi stand.

Anyways, my husband asked politely for directions from these men while I observed from in the car. My husband seemed calm and it looked like they were being helpful. Fiq(my husband) showed no sign of dismay or anger until he got back into the car and told me what happened.

The conversation went something like this :

Fiq : Assalamualaikum pakcik, tumpang tanya, macam mane nak ke arah Taman Tasik Titiwangsa ye?
Pakcik : (takes a glimpse of me in the car) Ha elok la tu, bawak perempuan pegi sana nak beromen?!

(WHAT THE **************!!!) <---is my reaction when husband told me about it in the car)

The conversation continued and my husband calmly told them that we were husband and wife and embarraslingly enough, they gave us directions.

I was so shocked at the lack of manners from these so called Malay Muslims. Not to mention, being that age should make them a bit more mature then to say things like that. Its just really sad. Yes, we probably look really young and people wouldn't have guessed we're married, but that does not give anyone the right to say exremely rude things like that. I hope that this pakcik learned his lesson and to have more manners next time.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

The 'AishahAmin' Hijab Style

As promised, here I am with another  (pic)tutorial. However, please forgive me because I really suck at tutorials be it a video tutorial or even a pictutorial.. so bear with me girls!

Ok so you will need:

  • Pashmina/headscarf that is of similar size to the pashmina
  • Pins and small brooches 
  • A matching necklace

Step 1 : This step is actually optional. Sometimes if you feel that the scarf is too big or too sheer, you can always fold it as shown in step 1. Otherwise, just carry on to step 2.

Step 2 : Place your pashmina over the head with one end longer than the other. Make sure the shorter end is at least at a length that will cover your chest (very important point ladies!;))

Step 3 : Fold a little portion on one side and pin the pashmina to your inner snood/whatever inner your wearing, right beneath your jaw line.

Step 4 : Take the access part from the shorter side and pin it to the other side of your jaw line so that it will cover your neck and chest. At this point you may put on a matching necklace and fasten neatly.

Step 5 : Take the long end of the pashmina and wrap it around the neck, leaving sufficient amount of coverage for the back.

Step 6 : Fold the hanging part neatly according to how you like it to sit on your shoulder, secure with a brooch and you're done!


 Hope this tutorial was useful! And thank you so much for all your suggestions and requests! I really appreciate them all:)
Till then!xx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Guess Moments of "Smart Luxury"

Previously I attended the Guess Moments of "Smart Luxury" at The Gardens with the ever so lovely Ami Schaheera. It was a black and white themed night filled with inspiring moments. Gc is the story of entrepreneurial men and women driven by the joy of self-expression. It is about people who feel good about themselves when they look at their own accomplishments. Confident and ambitious, dynamic and passionate is what the brand is all about. 

The Moments of "Smart Luxury" captured by famous photographer Pino Gomes, featured 4 of Malaysia's creative personalities which included fashion entrepreneur Izrin Iz, actor Remy Ishak, musical composer & director Lee Sze Wan and fashion designer, Lee Khoon Hooi. Ok enough jibber jabber, enjoy the photos y'all ! (courtesy of Ami)
Host Deborah Henry interviewing Remy Ishak on his journey to success
A beautiful and modern batik piece by Izrin Iz

Some of the luxurious collection! <3
With Remy Ishak who was suprisingly very chatty and super friendly! 
Remy Ishak wearing the Gc Sport Class XXL "A Statement of Enigmatic Power". RSP : RM2,650. Ka-Ching! 
Performer of the night, the beautiful and soulful Atilia Haron
A bit start struck meeting all these gorgeous celebs! hehe looooved meeting Deborah, she was my favorite Miss Universe Malaysia, like ever! <3
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Had a great time Alhamdulillah!

That's all for now! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Till then!xx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Islamic Fashion Festival 2012

Earlier today I attended the 2012 Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) at JW Marriott KL, organized by AMAED (Association of Muslim Apparel Entrepreneurs & Designers). Apparently I didn't get the memo cause I was so not dressed according to the tribal/safari/hakunamatata theme. Oh well, at least my necklace had hints of aztec geometry, ha! :D And thanks to the help of GPS, we managed to reach the event on time!
My partner in crime, Ami Schaheera :p
Loved the theme & deco. Host of the day : Elaine Daly
Ma girls Ami & Shea. We sat right next to the stage and totally had the spotlight in our faces. me likes! lol. and please ignore my awkward expression.
Super fly collection from AMMARA HIJABI. Looooved their collection the most!<3 young & fresh! 

Another favorite, ALLYA MYSARA, you've probably seen a lot of their clothes in Hijabista, very talented and friendly designers, these two:D
My fave picks. From left : Hajaba. Jubah Souq. Ammara Hijabi. Also in attendance was the lovely mommy-to-be Irma Hasmie<3 *gambar curik dari Shea:P
Hehehehe. Nuff said.
I've gained so much weight:( gahhh need to get back to my workout routine!! 

WIWT : Orange Scarf : MNG | Pashmina : Alamanda | Necklace : H&M | Top : H&M | Pants : H&M | Shoes : Agape

Thanks Ami for the photos(I left my camera in the car pastu malas nak pegi ambik balik, pfffft) And Thank you Sara & Amal for the invitation, we had a blast!:)
Till then! xx