Saturday, 21 December 2013

Floral Fiesta

Scarf : @syanelle_couture (instashop)
Dress : @gayekinisha (instashop)
Blazer : Femme Elegante
Bag : @rippinrack (instashop)


Monday, 16 December 2013

Eye Of The Tiger

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
Cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
Cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You're gonna hear me roar.

Loving my ensemble for look of the day, featuring FreeFlow grey top, Nichii blue skirt, and FCC lipstick, all from Fashionvalet ! <3

Till then!xx

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Quirky Palette

Salam ladies! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was ok Alhamdulillah. For yesterdays look I was experimenting with a new colour palette(new for me at least) thanks to my Safiyya chiffon cardigan from  Kimisonweb. Never realized soft hues of purple would look good with lime/yellow! Usually purple and yellow just reminds me of Barney(that kids show with the dinosour), but this shade of purple is quite refreshing paired with lime/yellow, no? 
I love this chiffon cardigan because it's made of high quality chiffon. It really flatters any figure because the material falls nicely on you. If you like this cardigan, it comes in 3 beautiful colours, ladies! Nude, lilac and dusty pink. You can easily pair it with soft pastel colours or experinment with bright coloured accessories and adding prints like I did!:) 

Also, don't forget to check out the pretty maxi dresses, skirts and tops they have in store for you. All at super affordable prices!

Website : Kimisonweb
Facebook : Kimis On Web
Instagram : @kimisonweb
Till then!xx

Friday, 22 November 2013

Sequins and Burgundy

Hola Chikas! Isn't it every girls dream to own these 3 following items : A Tiara. A Tutu. and basically anything that sparkles! Who's with me?!! :P

No seriously, I've always wanted something glittery and sparkling, a.k.a sequins in my wardrobe. Finally I have it in my closet (and in my size!!) thanks to Fashion Valet!! I'm on the plus size side, so not everything labelled "Freesize" fits me. Even if it does, it's always too tight in the wrong placesT_T.

Also, I get asked a lot about my height from my readers. I really am not that tall as some people might think I am(that's probably because I happen to have good photos from good angles tehee) I'm a chubby 157cm high girl. There. Now you know. I'm quite short. That's why it's so important to understand proportion and what type of clothes lengths suit your body.

Anyways, look of the day consists of sequins, burgundy and cream. Burgundy is the new black apparently. Perfect skirt colour, anddd perfect lip colour for this look! It's my first time trying FCC lipstick which I also got from Fashion Valet. Major love!

Sorry for the vain-covergirl-look-photo, I just had to post this last photo taken by hubby in our home, under the curtains! LOL. no photo studio needed! Score for le hubs!XD
Till then!xx

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

These Heels Are Made For Walkin'

It's official. I finally found the love shoes of my life! It was love at first sight. I knew the moment I laid eyes on them that these were THE TWO(aha get it?) I found these while I was on my regular ruotine of stalking-for-anything-new on Fashion Valet. It sums up everything I need in a shoe. Comfort, class, and charisma. I'm definitely not a boots girl(living in Msia, I don't know how anyone could be) I'm not a wedges girl either. Wedges are too bulky and heavy to walk in, don'tcha think?. These heels are just... *smiles* So thank you FV for having these on the website!!
Also spotted a lovely white basic shirt that is an essential piece for breastfeeding mommies like me, suitable for both everyday casual wear and work wear. Best detail is that it's long in the back, covering what needs to be covered if ya know what I mean! Oh and what better way to complete a basic outfit than that pop of colour. I don't own a lot of (coloured)pants because it's reallllyyy hard to find a decent pair that is both modest and still fashion-forward. However these fuscia pants definitely does the job!

Till then!xx

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Pink Persuasion

Salam lovelies, I know, I know, I haven't been writing as much(sorry for that!). It's just that having a baby and all, it's actually hard to find time to actually THINK and WRITE at the same time(not that I'm a good writer anyway, pfft.) I've had plenty of short-lame-boring write-ups lately, so I hope you can bear with me!

Anyway, I'd like to introduce to you lovely ladies a new blogshop selling pretty and lush stuff! Just look at this beautiful skirt from Aafiya Collection. It's made of a flowy chiffon material and it's in the perfect shade of pink! Usually it's quite hard for me to like anything that's pink (coz let's face it, i'm not exactly a girly girl) but this shade of pink is just right, paired with beige and gold accessories. I'm in love!

You ladies should go check out the other lovely stuff they have! They also sell jubahs, beautiful maxi dresses, skirts and many more!
Instagram : @aafiyacollection

Till then!xx

Friday, 18 October 2013

Apple of My Eye

Salam! This is kind of a late post but just wanted to share this cute picture of me and my little Juhd bug♥ I feel so blessed to be a mother and enjoying every moment of it, Alhamdulillah. It's definitely been hard balancing a career, bussiness and a family, but nothing makes me more happy than coming back home to see the face of my husband and child. 

Before Juhd was born, I was always freaking out worrying if i'll ever be a good mom. But I've discovered there is no perfect way of being a good mom. The only way is to love them unconditionally and everything else will follow, insyaAllah. 

I love you Juhd, you make mama and abah so happy:')

And here's my super comfy casual ootd. Wearing SPOTLIGHT blazer and Refuge boyfriend jeans both from FashionValet ♥ 

Till then!xx

Friday, 11 October 2013

Monochrome Madness

There are a lot of trends that I feel are not suitable for hijabis like me. For instance the skinny jeans or the overalls. But one trend that IS and will certainly never go out of fashion is stripes. So I tried mixing two different striped prints for the first time and I think it's safe to say that these two prints work really well together! You can never go wrong when it comes to monochrome. Don't you just love this striped blazer and top from FashionValet ? Print perfection!

Till then!xx

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lady In Red

It's been a hectic week(as always). I'm back at work so the more reason to look forward to the weekends!! Being with family is the only thing that keeps me sane these days quite honestly. On the bright side, another weekend, another opportunity to dress up! Ok I know I rarely wear red, but I'm going to make an exception for this gorgeous SuriSara Soraya dress from FashionValet! Paired it with a denim jacket, gold bracelet and leopard clutch. Perfect combo! If you've been keeping that red dress you have in your closet, why not take it out and try this look? :)

Till then!xx

Friday, 27 September 2013

Blurred Lines

Salam lovelies..! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I had a great day yesterday meeting(however briefly) the lovely Mayya a.k.a The Sewist but will blog about that later insyaAllah!:)

Previously I got this EmelbyMelindaLooi kurung set from FashionValet which I looooooved so much but never got the chance to wear during raya because I was practically in my confinement. Now that raya is over I figured I should do some mix & matching to get a more casual outfit since I don't want to put it to waste! So I paired the top with a volume skirt, black scarf and a printed clutch. Simple and bold. Which is very typical me. Teehee.

Btw there's a 30% end of season sale going on at FashionValet so what are you waiting for!! Go check ittttt! Till then!xx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Juhd's Aqiqah

On the 4th day of Syawal (7th day after Juhd was born) we had an aqiqah ceremony at home for Juhd with some close friends and family. It was a beautiful day filled with laughter, love and prayers for our little bundle of joy. I coulnd't be happier to have spent this years eidulfitri with a new addition to our family. Obviously we had Juhd's hair shaved off (it's sunnah to do so for newborn babies) and now he's a baldie! Tehee. I hope his hair grows quicker because I really miss seeing him with hair. Shcoooo much cuter! (Don't worry Juhd, you're still a cutie without hair and mommy loves you!)

 My little Juhd bug<3
 Ok I just noticed his outfit totally matches my blog header!
"I'm hungry mommy...milk please!!"
 My heart & soul<3

Ok, to be completely honest I only had the chance to dress all fancy in my raya outfit on the 4th day of Raya. First 3 days I was in my kain batik and t-shirt because I just really didn't feel like dressing up. I was really just enjoying taking care of Juhd, I wasn't really in the Raya mood.

We went all colour-themed for our first little family photo together<3 My beautiful dress and necklace are both from FashionValet. I actually have this dress in blue but I kinda love the design so much I just had to get it in another colour! Oh and what better way to celebrate loosing all that pregnancy weight, no? :P

Instagram : @fashionvaletcom

Facebook :

Till then!xx

Monday, 9 September 2013

Baby #1 : The Labor Story

It was a lazy Saturday morning and I was still in bed, talking to some friends(you know who you are) on whatsapp about how depressed I was that the baby hasn't come yet at 42 weeks. I was just 2 days away from being induced and at that point I was pretty sure my chances of having a normal delivery was completely gone. At about 11-ish I took a nap and woke up for Zuhur prayer around 1.35pm. I took a wee and noticed that there was blood in the toilet bowl. I started to panic knowing that it was definitely a sign of early labor. So I quickly washed myself, woke up my husband and we headed straight to Hospital Putrajaya.

By the time we arrived at the delivery hall, it was about 2.35pm. After checking in, I was brought to a room and after my blood pressure was taken, the doctor asked me to lay down, and that was the first time kene 'seluk' a.k.a VE(vaginal examination), or in other words, having the doctor stick their fingers up your you-know-what. First round, doctor told me my cervix had not yet dilated(belum ada bukaan). At that point, contractions started kicking in and boy were they painful! 

Since my cervix was still closed, they had me admitted to the ward. As my husband was bringing me up to the ward in my wheelchair, I couldn't help but notice my hospital garment and thinking to myself, "seriously this pink does not go with my skin tone." lol sempat lagi tu!!

Anyways, I was left in the ward to endure the increasing intensity and pain of contractions. Alhamdulillah Fiq(my husband) was there beside me through the ordeal trying to comfort me. As contractions kept getting stronger, I began to lose control over my body. I vomited about 3 times and honestly just couldn't tolerate the pain. Contractions are so insanely painful you feel like banging yourself against the wall. To one extent I even felt like cutting myself(seriously!) But do note that every woman's birthing experience is unique and different, so not everyone feels that way ok!(just in case I scared any mommy-to-be's out there)

I don't really remember the exact time everything happened but about an hour in, the doctor came again for another round of 'seluk-king'. My cervix was dilated 1cm.


breath. in.

breath. out.

That's what I did the whole time while reciting lots of zikir & doa. But even then my mind was still very much concentrated on the contraction pain. One and a half hour passed by and I couldn't take it anymore so I called the nurse and the doctor came again to check my cervix opening.


I was brought to the labor room and again the selukking kept happening I honestly felt like a stuffed turkey at one point. In the labor room there were about 5 nurses and one doctor(Alhamdulillah all women of course) Everything happened quite fast. The last thing I remember(or heard) from the doctor were the words '5cm dilated', 'meconium' and 'vacuum'. By then I new something wasn't quite right. Oh and I also saw the scissors the doctor used to cut my hoohaa(Yikes!)

Doctor told me to start pushing. She said "Teran macam nak buang air besar tu!' I was quite confused at the time and tried pushing. But apparently I ended up passing gas.

Epic fail.

Then one nurse said," push your abdomen as if you are doing sit ups" Then I knew exactly what to do! Finally after about three VERY HARD pushes, my baby came out at 6.21pm. (To be honest it felt like a squid coming out from down below because I remember it sounded like something slimy and soft)

I started panicking because I didn't hear my baby cry. Instead I could have sworn I heard him choking. The nurses immediately took my baby into another room and I was left wondering what happened to him. I didn't even get to see his face. Only about 15 minutes later I got to see my baby but it was just for a brief moment and they took him away again for further treatment. I had to stay in the labor room 6 hours for monitoring(because of palpitation) before I was allowed back into the ward. Thank goodness hubby was by my side. I felt so relieved that it was all over(especially those contractions!) and I just felt at peace even though a part of me was worried about my baby.

Trust me, it was waaaay bloodier than this.this was AFTER the floor was cleaned.
In the labor room right after giving birth. (Forgive my hideous editing and face)

Alhamdulillah even though my baby was admitted to the NICU for 4 days, he's healthy and happy now;) The doctors and nurses at Hospital Putrajaya were all so nice and helpful. May Allah s.w.t repay their kindness and sabar dealing with patients everyday! I am truly humbled by the whole experience. It was certainly worth all the pain when I saw his face and held him in my arms for the first time( ok imma tear up now so imma stop right there!)

Meet our little prince, Juhd bin Mohd. Shafiq :)

Till then!
Stay tuned for updated pics of baby Juhd!!xx
(got to go change his diapers now!)

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

FV Raya 2013!

Salam ladies! How's Ramadhan treating you? Hopefully everyone is having a blessed Ramadhan so far insyaAllah! Can't believe it's already the last 10 days of Ramadhan! Wowsers.

Guess what!? (you're not guessing are you? (-_-)) Fashion Valet just launched a Raya Campaign on their website. The campaign is basically to get to know your personality more and make it easier for you to shop according to what best suits your personality! Cool huh? I took the quiz and apparently I am a classic 'Junaidah' who will always go for a timeless look and a bit of a glamorous girl! You too can take the quiz HERE to find out which kind of Raya style is your style.  Don't forget to get the ball rolling by simply sharing your results on facebook!

Also, if you're on Instagram, post your favorite things with hashtag #mykindathing ( it could be anything and everything- kuih raya, favorite hangout places, hobbies, shoes, there's really is no limit!) Post as many photos as you fancy, because something special might just come your way! So don't forget to join in the fun and also check out new arrivals on FV! 

Till then!xx

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Rock n Rollin'

I can't believe I'm already 39 weeks. One more week to go until my due date! How time flies ey? To be completely honest I've been praying that my baby will come out sooner because oh myyy dah makin sarat and tak larattttt! lol. but I know Allah knows what's best for me & baby, so i'll just have to be more patient and try to relax a bit more!

In efforts of 'relaxing' and taking my mind of thinking too much about the baby, I've been trying to go out a bit more and be active. So for todays outfit I'm wearing this SPOTLIGHT two-tone maxi skirt from Fashion Valet . Love this skirt because it's sooo me! I am a big fan of all things rugged/edgy/fierce. I also got the Lux & Bu necklace from Fashion Valet. Btw FV is having exclusive reductions up to 30% off! Great time for some raya shopping, no? :P

Decided to go a little rock-chic with this outfit. And NO, i did not go out in those Oh and notice how the skirt kinda hides my massive bump? hehe.Ok that's all for today folks! Selamat berpuasa & berterawih! <3

Till then! xx

Friday, 28 June 2013

Sweet 25

So yesterday I turned 25(not the best feeling, trust me). My husband, being the sweetie pie that he is, brought me out for a pre-birthday date the night before:) We went to our fave secret place in Bangi(yeah right, secret la sangat hehe). Since it was a special night for me, I decided to dress up a little and go for a classic all-black look in my new Orchid skirt form kimisonweb! Topped of the look with a hint of red and I was good to go!:) This look kinda reminds me of Adele though, don't you think? tehee. Oh and please excuse my puffy face. I feel huuuuge approaching 36 weeks already!

Dear abg, thank you for the wonderful night & for the priceless cute DIY gifts you made me:') And most of all thank you for being such a loving husband, may Allah keep us under His blessings & make our marriage & love stronger each day, amiiin..<3
Hehe sorry for the jiwangness.
Don't forget to checkout their full collection and follow them for latest updates!

Website : kimisonweb

Facebook : KimisOnWeb

Instagram : @kimisonweb

For my dear international readers, they ship worldwide, woot woot!:)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013

I attended the KLFW 2013 fashion show at Pavilion KL last friday as a guest for Ammara (thank you so much for having me!). The fashion show showcased 4 talented designers representing IFF (Islamic Fashion Festival). These designers included Ammara, Zleqha, Mazlianul Maznan and Jubahsouq.

Ok enough jibber jabber, lets have a look at some of my fave picks from the KLFW runway already!

My favorite look from Ammara. Loooooved the designs and that print! Sara & Amal, you girls did an amazing job!
Designs by architect-turned-fashion-desinger, Zleqha. Tres chic!
Soft and elegent designs by talented Mazlianul Maznan. 
Closing the show that day was a designer from Indonesia. 

And these are my ultimate favorites from previous Day 1 & Day 2 shows. 
 Holographic inspired collection from Ezzati Amira. To die for!
Minimal & rugged designs by Pearly Wong. 

Oh btw I had Imane (Fashion with Faith) & Sabrin Filli as my date on that day, all the way from Sweden! Yup, they're currently in Malaysia. It's always nice meeting people you've been following virtually and finally seeing them in person. We definitely had fun chatting and watching the show. :) Thanks for coming girls!xx
Left : Cutie Shea Rasol, puffy me and gorgeous Sabrina. 
Right : With Imane, Sara & Amal (designers of Ammara) and Sabrin. 

I was kinda having a hard time finding something fashionable to wear to klfw, because lets face it, dressing up a pregnant body is no easy task. Especially when your already 35 weeks and almost ready to pop! So as always, I turned to Fashion Valet, since it's officially my fave online shopping website! Thanks to this beautiful Anglia dress and Kamelia necklace,I managed to put together a decent look that was both comfy and klfw-appropriate! Tehee. A lot of new arrivals on FV at the moment girlsss. Check itttttttttt!

Website : Fashion Valet

Instagram : @fashionvaletcom

Till then!xx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Almost There

Today our baby is almost 35 weeks alhamdulillah. I'm in the office typing away because quite frankly I don't have anything better to do, LOL. The semester is finally over and my students just finished their final exams. I'm done with all my marking (wohooo!) and at the moment waiting for the baby to come out in another 2-5 weeks insyaAllah!

My first trimester was a little tiring eventhough I didn't experience any morning sickness whatsoever. My second trimester went very smoothly alhamdulillah and I was pretty much just eating all the time! hehe.. Third trimester has been quite painful especially having experienced extreme pelvic girdle pain which extends to the buttocks and legs. There are times when I just can't move at all when it hits right at the nerve. Also during the night, I usually don't get much sleep because I tend to wake up every hour due to pain or a positional discomfort. I know it's normal for a pregnant women to be experiencing all this, but it's my first time and it's making me wish the baby would come out sooner! LOL.

Pregnancy for me has been a painful yet the most beautiful experience in my life, masyaAllah. At this stage, even simple movements are proving to be difficult especially rolling out of bed, bending over or reaching for something on the ground. Even when I'm talking I can hardly catch my breath. Regardless, I'm so thankful that Allah has blessed me with the gift of a child in my womb and my husband for always being there to help me when I couldnt get up to carry myself to the toilet, my super emo days, and basically caring for my every need. Our child has brought us closer together more than ever. Pregnancy has shown another side of my husband that I truly can't help falling in love with again and again :')

Me and hubby have been searching for so many baby names already(mostly boy names though) since all the checkups show that the baby's gender is male. We already have a name in mind but haven't quite finalized it yet!(chewaahhh mcm nak finalize result student pulak!) I hope and pray that Allah will ease everything for us and that I will have a safe delivery and both baby and mummy will be ok, ameeen. Please pray for me!! I'm excited and nervousss at the same time! Do keep me in your dua's!xx

This is what he does most of the time, wiggle wiggle wiggle then stick his butt out:P

The Boxi

Salam lovelies! Heyy heyy look what I got...?? Another gorgeous handbag from SOMETIME! This one is called The Boxi (it comes in three versions - blue, red and brown with a hint of leopard print!) With a 'boxy' silhouette and great choice of contrasting colour and textures, it is the epitome of sophistication and minimalism. 

What I love most about the bag is that it provides a lot of storage for all my girly stuff, phone, tab, books, anything, you name it! But at the same time it's not too big and doesn't look bulky. It's exactly the perfect size I would say. Workmanship is flawless and it comes with a detachable & adjustable shoulder strap. Definitely my fave bag at the moment! :)

For all you bag lovers, don't forget to checkout their full collection at 

Facebook Page : Sometime Boutique

Instagram : @s0metime

Till then!xx