Friday, 28 June 2013

Sweet 25

So yesterday I turned 25(not the best feeling, trust me). My husband, being the sweetie pie that he is, brought me out for a pre-birthday date the night before:) We went to our fave secret place in Bangi(yeah right, secret la sangat hehe). Since it was a special night for me, I decided to dress up a little and go for a classic all-black look in my new Orchid skirt form kimisonweb! Topped of the look with a hint of red and I was good to go!:) This look kinda reminds me of Adele though, don't you think? tehee. Oh and please excuse my puffy face. I feel huuuuge approaching 36 weeks already!

Dear abg, thank you for the wonderful night & for the priceless cute DIY gifts you made me:') And most of all thank you for being such a loving husband, may Allah keep us under His blessings & make our marriage & love stronger each day, amiiin..<3
Hehe sorry for the jiwangness.
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013

I attended the KLFW 2013 fashion show at Pavilion KL last friday as a guest for Ammara (thank you so much for having me!). The fashion show showcased 4 talented designers representing IFF (Islamic Fashion Festival). These designers included Ammara, Zleqha, Mazlianul Maznan and Jubahsouq.

Ok enough jibber jabber, lets have a look at some of my fave picks from the KLFW runway already!

My favorite look from Ammara. Loooooved the designs and that print! Sara & Amal, you girls did an amazing job!
Designs by architect-turned-fashion-desinger, Zleqha. Tres chic!
Soft and elegent designs by talented Mazlianul Maznan. 
Closing the show that day was a designer from Indonesia. 

And these are my ultimate favorites from previous Day 1 & Day 2 shows. 
 Holographic inspired collection from Ezzati Amira. To die for!
Minimal & rugged designs by Pearly Wong. 

Oh btw I had Imane (Fashion with Faith) & Sabrin Filli as my date on that day, all the way from Sweden! Yup, they're currently in Malaysia. It's always nice meeting people you've been following virtually and finally seeing them in person. We definitely had fun chatting and watching the show. :) Thanks for coming girls!xx
Left : Cutie Shea Rasol, puffy me and gorgeous Sabrina. 
Right : With Imane, Sara & Amal (designers of Ammara) and Sabrin. 

I was kinda having a hard time finding something fashionable to wear to klfw, because lets face it, dressing up a pregnant body is no easy task. Especially when your already 35 weeks and almost ready to pop! So as always, I turned to Fashion Valet, since it's officially my fave online shopping website! Thanks to this beautiful Anglia dress and Kamelia necklace,I managed to put together a decent look that was both comfy and klfw-appropriate! Tehee. A lot of new arrivals on FV at the moment girlsss. Check itttttttttt!

Website : Fashion Valet

Instagram : @fashionvaletcom

Till then!xx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Almost There

Today our baby is almost 35 weeks alhamdulillah. I'm in the office typing away because quite frankly I don't have anything better to do, LOL. The semester is finally over and my students just finished their final exams. I'm done with all my marking (wohooo!) and at the moment waiting for the baby to come out in another 2-5 weeks insyaAllah!

My first trimester was a little tiring eventhough I didn't experience any morning sickness whatsoever. My second trimester went very smoothly alhamdulillah and I was pretty much just eating all the time! hehe.. Third trimester has been quite painful especially having experienced extreme pelvic girdle pain which extends to the buttocks and legs. There are times when I just can't move at all when it hits right at the nerve. Also during the night, I usually don't get much sleep because I tend to wake up every hour due to pain or a positional discomfort. I know it's normal for a pregnant women to be experiencing all this, but it's my first time and it's making me wish the baby would come out sooner! LOL.

Pregnancy for me has been a painful yet the most beautiful experience in my life, masyaAllah. At this stage, even simple movements are proving to be difficult especially rolling out of bed, bending over or reaching for something on the ground. Even when I'm talking I can hardly catch my breath. Regardless, I'm so thankful that Allah has blessed me with the gift of a child in my womb and my husband for always being there to help me when I couldnt get up to carry myself to the toilet, my super emo days, and basically caring for my every need. Our child has brought us closer together more than ever. Pregnancy has shown another side of my husband that I truly can't help falling in love with again and again :')

Me and hubby have been searching for so many baby names already(mostly boy names though) since all the checkups show that the baby's gender is male. We already have a name in mind but haven't quite finalized it yet!(chewaahhh mcm nak finalize result student pulak!) I hope and pray that Allah will ease everything for us and that I will have a safe delivery and both baby and mummy will be ok, ameeen. Please pray for me!! I'm excited and nervousss at the same time! Do keep me in your dua's!xx

This is what he does most of the time, wiggle wiggle wiggle then stick his butt out:P

The Boxi

Salam lovelies! Heyy heyy look what I got...?? Another gorgeous handbag from SOMETIME! This one is called The Boxi (it comes in three versions - blue, red and brown with a hint of leopard print!) With a 'boxy' silhouette and great choice of contrasting colour and textures, it is the epitome of sophistication and minimalism. 

What I love most about the bag is that it provides a lot of storage for all my girly stuff, phone, tab, books, anything, you name it! But at the same time it's not too big and doesn't look bulky. It's exactly the perfect size I would say. Workmanship is flawless and it comes with a detachable & adjustable shoulder strap. Definitely my fave bag at the moment! :)

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Till then!xx 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Kimono Princess

Today I attended a friend's wedding, and instead of wearing the normal Baju Kurung (which I hardly can fit into!) I opted to wear my brand new Bajookoo Cardi from Fashion Valet that I turned into a Kimono-esque top! Fashion Valet, you are definitely a life saver! I love this lilac cardi because not only is it suitable for formal & traditional wear, I can even pair it with pants or a skirt and make it totally casual! Gorgeous and super comfy!

Since Ramadhan is approaching, instead of going through all the fuss scouting for a baju raya at Jalan TAR or having to go to the tailors to get my baju raya done, this year I'm ditching all that and will be shopping for my baju raya at FV! Easy peasy, I can choose which one I love and bam! It will be at my doorstep the next morning! How convenient is that right?!

Plus, this time around, they are collaborating with even bigger designers including Mimpikita & Innai Red! Not to mention other celebrity brands like House of Doll (Fazura) Simplisiti (Dato' Siti) Dreamcloud (Natasha Hudson) and many more. They even support South East Asia brands from Indonesia & Thailand! Me gusta!! Oh and FV has the most awesome and reliable customer service, a 30-day return policy and free local delivery. What more could you ask for! :)

So what do ya'll think of this pastel palette outfit?:P I know it's not quite me but I do loveeeee the colour combo! Guess my pregnancy is bringing out more of my girly side:P Teheee.

Instagram : @fashionvaletcom

Till then!xx

Saturday, 8 June 2013


Hows it going ladies!? Hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend just like I am! It's been quite some time since my last style post,no? Speaking of sometime, I just got me two lush bags from SOMETIME. Just in case you've never heard of them, Sometime is basically a group of talented designers from all across Asia, including Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and even all the way to Malaysia! They design and produce high street fashion handbags at super affordable prices. I love that every bag has it's own character and not your typical everyday bag design.

A hot trend now is Lucite accessories, so boy was I happy to get my hands on this gorgeous baby! It's the Loranne bag in green. I'm really in love the design, particularly the lucite cover that's obviously transparent yet still providing storage privacy with a solid inner layer. Also the illusion of a perspective was a brilliant idea! Very architectural! Oh and it also comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap! :)

Oh and did you know? Sometime has a design team that flies around Asia just to collaborate with fashion designers and icons to produce these exclusive handbags! Some local collaborations include the likes of Vivy Yusof, Maria Elena And Christy Ng. All their bags are made affordable because they are produced in their very own workshop/factory. They believe thet designer handbags don't have to cost a bomb!(I couldn't agree more! I mean, who doesn't love a good bargain right?) Although these handbags are made affordable, they are only produced in a limited quantity to ensure exclusivity!

If you like what you see, then be sure to check out their full collection and exclusively buy which one you like only at

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Till then! xx

Friday, 7 June 2013

South Korea : Day 5

My puffy pregnant face. hehe hubby calls it my 'muka keibuan' face
On our last day in Korea, we went to a few places that we initially had set to visit on day 1. These places incuded The Gyeongbok Palace, National Folk Muzeum and The Blue House.

Gyeongbok Palace
National Folk Muzeum

We had a lovely time in Korea, and what I can sum up from the trip is that Koreans are very nice people and they love their coffee, they have very clean public toilets(really wish we had that in Malaysia!!), and are very healthy active people! I was inspired during my trip to Korea seeing all the old folks still very active and strong. And all the Koreans I saw were all so lean and slim! Even our tourist guide looked like he was only 40 but his real age was actually 50 plus!

Another thing that grabbed my attention is the fact that there are very little Muslims in Korea. From what our tourist guide told us, a lot of koreans believe in God, but they don't have any religion. Thats why they seem to celebrate everything there (CNY, Christmas, etc) And I could never forget what our tourist guide said to us on the bus. " I think Muslims don't enjoy themselves, when I was young, I partied, I drank, was with a lot of women and really enjoyed myself and was happy". Honestly I wasn't very surpised at his perception since I assumed he never received any dakwah from other Muslims and doesn't know that much about Muslims. This was clearly a wake up call and indicator that the Muslim ummah(especially the young & knowledgable) should work together to spread dakwah to countries and people that know so little about Islam. Clearly a Muslim's idea of happiness is very different from what he potrayed as enjoyment and happiness. We told him we enjoy ourselves all the time, just in a different way, according to different guidelines. And he seemed to respect our ways, MasyaAllah. I hope and pray that Allah swt will give this kind man the gift of hidayah & Islam one day, ameen:) Korea is a wonderful place to visit and I would definitely come back again if given the chance, insyaAllah!

Till then!xx